Top Ten Types of High Security House Locks

There is a wide selection of high security locks on hand today. Each of these security locks has its features and advantages. This article will give you an idea of the most common keys suggested by locksmiths.

Keyless Locks

For the sake of home safety and convenience, a keyless lock is the right type of key to replace any typical deadbolts on your exterior door. It comes with anti-theft rolling code feature that ensures the same code is not utilized twice. In addition to that, specific models produce an alarm once the incorrect code is keyed in.

The Deadbolt

One of the most used locks is known as the deadbolt. This can be installed easily and this can give a high level of security to your home while thieves find it hard to get around. It does not have an operating part or spring but it requires a manual operation.

The night latch

The night latch is utilized with other kinds of locks. This is also considered as the lightest and most secure locks available on the market today.

The passage lock set

This is the standard issue lock utilized on areas where a level of privacy is needed. If ever the door is closed, this lock can be engaged by means of pressing a button.

The dummy knob

This is a cosmetic attachment that is found on most exterior doors. This does not usually have its purpose. The door from where it is attached will have a lock which instantly engages once closed. This could also be easily opened from the inside.

High security locks

High security locks are virtually blocked when installed. These high security locks are usually recommended for residences and businesses alike. Through the use of top grade materials, these security locks are impermeable to lock picks and drills. These could also be opened with a registered key that cannot be duplicated without permission from a homeowner.

Electrical home security locks

These are high-security locks that work through the use of an electric signal that release or secure the bolt. These must also require a simple numerical code for entry into your home. Type the code or swipe the key card for you to get inside.

Standard Lock

This is the most conservative lock. This usually includes a key to lock the doors. Even though this is somehow easy and simple to use, this still offers a high security.

Pin Styled Lock

This is exactly the same as a deadbolt. They usually insert pins into the frame or track to secure doors.

Mechanical home security locks

These types of locks take account of devices that demand physical action like key to unlock or lock the door. The most used locks are the cylindrical lock sets. These are perfect in a small hole cut into your door. In addition to that, the mortise lock is another popular style. This is also installed in the pocket and in the border of your door. The mortise lock provides better security as compared to the cylindrical lock.

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