Best Locksmith Security Tips for your Business in Alexandria VA

As entrepreneurs, it’s of utmost importance to keep your commercial property safe and secure. In order to ensure maximum security of your business property, below are some helpful business security tips; courtesy of Expert Locksmith in Alexandra worn down, old keysYou should replace the keys to your business if they are old or worn down, it’s highly beneficial if the keys are replaced as soon as possible. No other key can open a lock except the teeth of the key is sharpened, and the tumbler is able to move inside the lock. If you’d need to jiggle the key to open the lock, then it’s a sign that the key is worn down. It could be embarrassing to discover that you’re unable to open or lock your doors at an uncomfortable time due to worn out key.

Install an alarm door
With an alarm door, you can easily prevent unauthorized entry and exit, even without having to frequently monitor the doors. For instance, if you install a stand-alone alarm on a back door of your retail outlet, it can prevent ‘thieves’ from walking out of the outlet unnoticed with items. A door alarm is also helpful in allowing you to know the number of times a customer enters your business premises even if you aren’t near the door.

Rekey your locks at regular intervals
If you’re the owner or manager of a business, it’s most likely you’d have workers; and because workers trend is always on a come-and-go basis, it then becomes expedient that all the locks MUST be rekeyed regularly after your old workers might have handed the keys over to you. You need to do this so as to ensure none of the keys is copied or goes to a wrong hand.

Installing a video intercom system is ideal
A video intercom system is another great way to step up the security level of your business. A video intercom system has full video capabilities that allow you to see who’s at the door. You can zoom in and out, move the camera around and record people’s movement to and from the premises. This allows you to take record of all the activities happening at your door.

Switch to high security keys
Replace your old regular keys with new high security set of keys. Using high security keys will increase your business security because they can’t be duplicated by anyone except the locksmith company that sold the keys to you. Another good thing about High security keys is that they also come with the option of giving you detailed reports on which keys were made and on what dates; so that you can keep track of all your keys. This will make you know the exact numbers of keys that were produced at any given time.

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